She sits in silence under the sun.
Fanning flames of quiet passion.
His words quench, like still cool water
Drowning out her dark despair,
Singing sweetly of surrender,
Love, whole, soft and tender.

Lips brush skin, sweet and tender
Teasingly, smiling at the sun.
Who watches, waiting for surrender.
They embrace, refuse the passion,
Scorning, scorching the edge of despair
Their love, as necessary as water.

She drowns in love, like water,
Desire, once opposed to tender
Breathes new life into despair.
She gazes up, blinks at the sun,
Eclipsed by the moon in passion,
Caught up in it’s own surrender.

Shielding herself from surrender
Breathing deeply under water
Flows the tide, deep in passion.
Slowly moving, gently tender
She breaks open, bright as the sun.
Rising back from deep despair.

She sings defiantly of despair,
Eclipsed by her great surrender
As the moon releases the sun
Drawing ebbs and flows of water.
She dreams quietly of love, tender
That carves the heart with passion.

She blinks now in the waning passion
Love replaces her despair,
Sweetly singing, soft and tender
Of that moment in surrender.
Her body moves like rushing water,
That ebbs and flows beneath the sun.

Tender remnants of their passion
Eclipse the sun and buries despair,
Love surrenders to water’s flow.

Poetic Aside

This was my first sestina. A form poem for yesterday’s prompt. Next time, I think I’ll plan ahead with a theme and the 6 repeating words.

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