Awake before the summer sun
thoughts pervade my mind
like hammer strikes
each causing more damage
than the last.
Work urgently screams now,
weekends made shorter,
not caring about replenishing energy.
Chunks of creativity cast aside
for stolen moments
because ideas return
but time does not.
Friends, long absent
reappear to reconnect and renew,
plans made long ago
almost broken under the strain
of performing well.
But a sick friend
and a friend’s sick child
tear apart the spiderweb
of pressures, precariously placed,
undone, broken by the weight
of unspoken demands.
Awake before the summer sun
thoughts pervade my mind.
My baby cries, and I soothe
in spite of internal insistence.
Finally, in sleep he giggles,
the weight momentarily gone.

your turn…

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Moon in Sky

Moon in sky. Image by Heather Button. Copyright © http://heatherbutton.com


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