Monthly Musing – July 2017

I’m trying something new this month, a monthly or bi-monthly update post to tell you what I’ve been up to for the past month, writing, reading, and with work.


July, I started getting up early to write in the mornings. I’ve been sacrificing my rest because, well, I couldn’t sleep. My brain was too wracked with guilt over not spending enough time in the day writing and satisfying my soul, with my son, and working and I felt too distracted all the time. I kept waking up early, so I decided to write. Best decision I could make at this time. Until now, I was writing a pretty steady 1,500 – 3000 words in my rewrite per week. And then I was inspired by the book listed below. So, check out my stats for the last month.


  • WIP: 23,491 word. (Incidentally, 20K was my CampNaNoWriMo goal.)
  • Blog Poems: 5
  • Blog (general posts): 2 (including this month’s summary)
  • Total writing: 24,432 words.

So I’ve gone from 6,000 words per month, to over 23,000 words. Also, I’ve gone from being scattered, feeling like I never got anything done, to feeling pretty like I’ve accomplished a lot. Taking out the worry that I wasn’t creating, got me more focused at work, and at home on my family. In the end I took off 1 morning per week of writing, and I needed the rest. I think it’s a habit I’ll aim for more often.


July Word Count. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©


Real Artists Don’t Starve, (RADS) by Jeff Goins.

The Art of Work, (TAOW) by Jeff Goins.

I’ve been listening to Jeff Goins podcasts for a number of years, ever since he was highlighted on Michael Hyatt’s website. His podcast, The Portfolio Life, talks to creatives about what they do, and how they do it, developing a portfolio. Since, in architecture, that’s what we do with our body of work (buildings), the title really resonated with me.

I bought RADS because we got extras if we pre-ordered, including a Facebook group connecting us with the author. I’ve been so inspired by these other creatives. One of the best parts of the group is not feeling alone on this journey. That and the incredibly supportive hive mind they have. Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed.

The book really resonated with me, especially the “Jack of All Trades” section. Trust me, read it. It doesn’t give you a task list, more like a set of guidelines, based on how creatives have achieved something they’ve enjoyed. It’s not to make millions, but it is definitely a means to live a creative life, and have it pay for itself.

I bought TAOW at the same time, and it’s really increased my desire not only to be a better writer, but to use my passion and reinvigorate my work. I’m not finished yet, but will be soon.


Work is keeping me on my toes. So much so, that I’m going to have to sacrifice my writing time for some overtime for the month.


  • 3 projects in contract administration, all at the same state.
  • 2 projects managing and reviewing other work.
  • some very fascinating articles about the practice of architecture.

I won’t go into the details of these projects, but maybe when I’m done I’ll be able to link the work to my office’s website or my LinkedIn profile.


We go on vacation for the last week of August, so who knows how this will pan out.

  • Finish Arch Villains 2nd draft / rewrite. Presently at 77,000 words.
  • Continue to write 1 poems per week from the Poetic Asides prompts.
  • Read Self-Editing for fiction writers.
  • Brainstorm Arch Villains sequel or The Colour of Malice, which would be my third attempt.

Your Turn

What’s on your plate for the month of August?

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