Monthly Musing – November 2017

Well it was a bit longer than planned (4 months) but here’s what I’ve been up to for the past few months, writing, reading, and with work.


July’s momentum waned as my work life became unmanageable for writing too. Then we went on a 3 week vacation to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. It was amazing and I managed a little writing on holiday. We came back to work in full swing and I started my writing again, trying but not quite making it to writing every day.

But, I finished my second draft for Arch Villains November 5th. The first second draft that I’ve done (3 first drafts for various trunk stories). I’m going to wait and reread it over the holidays, fix what I think is missing and then I’m going to find some kind beta readers to look for issues.

I started and stopped with November Poem A Day challenge. Work again got in the way. I’m promising myself more poetry, because it’s my natural writing voice for capturing a moment.

In October, with the demise of Sears I wrote one of the most well received posts on my blog: the Aftershocks of Grief. Sometimes I’m amazed that something I wrote to help me process my own feelings touches other people. So thanks for reading.

The biggest things I’ve noticed in picking up my WIP and setting it down, is that I miss it when I’m not writing. I’m noticeably happier when I’ve creating something, whether I’m just rereading what I wrote or putting a something up on the blog for people to read.


  • WIP:  38, 673 words – Arch Villains completed.
  • Blog Poems:  4 – I really need to increase my poems
  • Blog (general posts):  2 (including this month’s summary)
  • Total writing:  40, 359 words in 4 months.

In 4 months, even with vacation and deadlines I still managed to write.

What’s up next? Edits to Arch Villains, followed either by a possible sequel or another attempt at a novel I’ve affectionately nicknamed Malice. Malice has been a struggle because I’ve had a hard time finding my MC’s voice. But I’ve been inspired lately to look at her in a new light and I might go through a bigger outline.

October Screen Shot

October Word Count. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©


Sadly, I have not read much, even on vacation.

I like the world building of Angels Blood by Nalini Singh.

I’m beta reading for a friend’s secret project.

I have a list of 5 fiction books that I have to read in my TBR pile, and several in my wittier development pile.


Work is still keeping me on my toes.


  • 3 projects in deficiencies, all at the same state.
  • 1 project about to enter contract administration
  • 5 project specifications in 2 weeks.
  • 1 very detailed standard update.
  • Next week: IIDEX and Construct Canada courses

I don’t go into the details of these projects, for privacy reasons but if there are published articles then I’ll share.


With the holiday season fast approaching I’m trying to be realistic about what I can accomplish.

  • Reread and edit Arch Villains for beta readers. Presently at 94,000 words.
  • Continue to write 1 poem per week from the Poetic Asides prompts.
  • Read Self-Editing for fiction writers.
  • Brainstorm Arch Villains sequel or The Colour of Malice, which would be my third attempt.
  • See if I end up with any other personal essays.
Writing in Newfoundland

Writing in Newfoundland. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

Your Turn

What’s on your plate for the month of November?

4 thoughts on “Monthly Musing – November 2017

  1. The Practice in Public Challenge (where I met you) has helped me get back on track with a daily practice of writing and/or another kind of art. I’ve even posted a sketch or two – and I’m not a sketch artist! My thing is writing, so the challenge has helped me find new ways of expression.

    My “day job” keeps me pretty busy, too, so it’s nice to commiserate with fellow writers who somehow manage to find time for their craft despite the daily grind of a full-time job, family obligations, etc.

    So glad to connect with you, Heather!

    • Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you also have trouble practicing in public. Do you have a routine that works for you? Or a plan for the upcoming holiday?

      • When I’m consistent, it’s because I’ve put it on the calendar (and my habit-tracking app) and committed to getting it done first thing in the morning. My best morning routine is Bible reading and prayer, then “write for one hour” BEFORE I’ve opened my email or social media. Oops, forgot to say coffee first! Then I get ready for work.

        It works when I do it, but it’s SO EASY to get off track. I’ve been disorganized lately, so the 30-day challenge was the nudge I needed to be consistent again.

        As for the holidays, hubby and I don’t Christmas shop. We give my stepson and the other grown kids money. My mom gets skin care and makeup from the brand I sell (we get into arguments if I try to spend money on her with a real gift!).

        Lately it’s just been me, Mom and hubby for holiday celebrations. We went to a restaurant on Thanksgiving Day. No hassle, no cleanup, and we saw plenty of friends that day!

      • That’s fantastic. I have a 3 year old so Christmas is still a pretty big deal. So I’ve given myself permission to be flexible over the holidays. But I agree mornings were my best writing time!

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