We play games
you and I.
Online interactions,
eyes focused on a screen,
doesn’t matter what size.
Every flicker of light
a trigger for your brain.
Dopamine drips
with each click,
keeping you at my mercy
as I read your mind.
Our history, an open book,
tells me more about you
than you realize.
So much, I don’t even need
your password.
I already have you
in my web.


This was a prompt for a password poem from the poetic asides website.

Your Turn

I’ve been listening to podcasts on leadership and awareness and realized how addictive social media and online games can be. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “interactions

  1. I just stopped all notifications from 80% of my FB groups! Now that leaves me free to find some more! Time wasters? Not if they uplift and encourage me and give me an opportunity to grow! Thanks for this Heather.

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