another thought

another thought

It tickles the lobes,
teases time and space,
crossing boundaries
of wish and reality
Sometimes unbidden
it sneaks in
on soft, padded feet.
With no clear start or finish,
it simply exists
until it doesn’t,
remaining a shadow
of it’s former self.
Sometimes it comes,
a roaring engine
barrelling into view,
with screaming brakes,
a giant A-HA!
It releases steam
an a stream of cargo
with questions to unpack.
Some stomp,
some wait,
some creep,
some sneak,
but all cross the threshold
and find their way out.



This was a prompt for a “another (blank)” titled poem from the poetic asides website.

Your Turn

How do your thoughts arrive? Soft and sweet? Creepy and deadly? Big and Wondrous?

Mirrored Passions

Mirrored Passions. Image by Heather Button – Copyright ©

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