river choice

river choice

What has me so lost?
My rudder is in place,
giving me choices
and navigation.
I have two solid oars,
enough to propel me
or around threats.
I have a strong vessel,
built by hands
that won’t let me down.
My honourable first mate,
Captain of my heart,
is steadier than
the mountains flanking us.
But I do not have a map
and I cannot read the stars.
They do not tell me
which direction to go
or river to choose.
They bear no fortunes,
good or bad,
nor tell me
what my soul longs to hear.
I can only direct myself
down to the river,
and make a map
of where I’ve been,
trusting I have the answers
to my own happiness.


This was a prompt for a “direction” poem from the poetic asides website.

Your Turn

Do you have a map for your life or are you a more “go with the flow” personality type?

St. John's Warf

St. John’s Warf. Image by Heather Button. Copyright © http://heatherbutton.com

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