I’d rather be sleeping

I’d rather be sleeping

I’d rather be sleeping.
Instead crises,
some real,
some realistically manufactured,
keep my mind
incessantly active,
I long for refreshingly sweet
REM cycles,
replenishing my raw
mental and physical state.
Instead I sit at my computer
warding off some catastrophe
when I’d rather be sleeping.


This poem was thanks to the “I’d rather be” prompt from the Daily Post and the refresh prompt from Poetic Asides.

Your turn

I couldn’t sleep last night so I worked. How do you handle those nights?

6 thoughts on “I’d rather be sleeping

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    • See, Sudoku would keep my brain ridiculously active. Brain games keep me too alert to fall asleep. But I have heard doing one will get rid of an ear worm. Thanks for stopping by!


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