between winter and spring

between winter and spring

It’s in the air
the scent of soil
fresh from the thaw.
A pungent aroma
of residual decay
and worm guts,
it awakens the senses
numb from frostbite,
priming them for
an inundation of floral aromas.
The returning thaw cycle melts snow,
overflows rivers and fields,
makes sap run
and saturates the earth,
more mess than miracle.
Temperatures rise,
transforming white landscapes
into dull beiges
of dead grass and dry dirt,
the undressed state of in between.
Flashes of bright green
animate the world.
Tree buds and those first shoots,
the lightning before
the impending colour storm.

poetic asides

It’s spring and so is the prompt.

your turn

Are you excited for spring? Do you think the remnants of winter are beautiful? Let me know in the comments below.

Dead Landscape. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

Dead Landscape. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

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