living the liminal

living the liminal

Not exactly between
rocks and hard places
I sit at the edge,
on the fence.
It conveys balance,
seeing both sides,
multiple opportunities
and varying catastrophes.
But the position is precarious.
Navigating the tidal ebbs and flows
of choices made by others,
leaves me unbalanced,
teetering in a direction
I’m not sure I want.
Living in the liminal,
paralyzed by fear
is the hardest choice.
But that discomfort
strips away what-ifs
with every wave,
Until I jump in
with both feet.

your turn

Some wonderful people inspired me to push my thoughts forward today. My thoughts were again in living with discomfort, because you can’t grow when comfortable.How do you live in the liminal spaces? Let me know in the comments below.

frozen tides. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

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