We drive by wonderland
every second weekend,
spying roller coasters,
water slides,
and gravity-defying rides.
At three-and-a-half
he’s too little to think of them
as more than just interesting trains,
and he’s nervous when his feet
don’t touch the ground.
But I can’t wait to show him,
relive my youth with him
hurtling through the air,
wind whipping hair,
and giggling at the effects
of zero gravity.
I wait longingly,
anticipating a future
day of fun with my son.

poetic asides

This was a fun poem to write based on today’s poetic asides prompt. It’s also a bit of an ode to the Canada’s Wonderland theme park, where I spent a few summers with season’s passes, dragging friends on all the roller coasters and many concerts.

your turn

What fun things are you anticipating or remembering? Do you love roller coasters? Let me know in the comments below.

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