stand up

stand up

When the world comes calling,
stand up.
When asked if you want to participate,
do something more,
stretch your boundaries,
stand up.
When surprise by the gatekeepers
or elbowed out of the way.
whether putting on your armour
piece by piece,
or stripping your heart bare
until only your soul remains,
stand up.
When you look in the mirror
wondering where the wrinkles,
fat, freckles,
or speckles of life came from,
when you wonder why the world you lived in
no longer resembles anything you imagined as a child,
teen, student, adult,
stand up.
When muscles ache,
from years of unuse,
and your body rebels,
stand up.
Whether you worship
despite the pain,
when you surrender
fully and completely,
stand up.
When fear freezes,
the tide of comfort beckons,
when emotions threaten
to overwhelm and overflow,
stand up.
when the tears fall,
from joy and pain,
when you can no longer lift yourself up
under the weight of just being,
raise your hand.
Because someone, somewhere,
myself included,
will help you
stand up.

your turn

I needed to give myself a pep talk today. what do you do to pump yourself up in the tough times?

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