Spring beckons.
energy coiled tightly,
building with renewed pressures,
unseen to the eye.
Soil loosens,
roots spread,
gathering nutrients,
while discovering new paths.
Cells build
microscopic growth,
another ring,
another season,
another year,
evidence of good
and hard times past.
In spite of a winter
that would not quit,
the sudden warmth
and copious rains,
signal change.
almost imperceptible at first,
limbs bend,
nodes form,
a gruesome growth
on pristine branches.
But inside, first a bud,
then leaves.
A hush of anticipation,
as they draw in enough sun.
and one day, the tree is in full bloom,
it’s audience in awe,
unaware of the difficult change,
from one year to the next.

your turn

I’ve been thinking about tension, and was inspired yesterday by the stunning magnolia blossoms around our home yesterday. As we grow vegetables in our home, ready to plant, I’ve been thinking about the amazing energy built up just to release into a single moment of tree blossoms.

Have you been feeling the tension that builds up like spring? I know I have. Let me know in the comments below, or connect with my via the social media links above.

Magnolia. Image by Heather Button – Copyright ©

Magnolia. Image by Heather Button – Copyright ©

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