I’ve got joy
down in my heart.
Beneath the rocks and stones,
the thorns
and dry bones.
Down in the foundations
in the cold cellar
with canned goods
and cobwebs,
cold and condensed.
Old and unused,
with an unmarked
expiration date,
I hold it in warm hands.
A liquid shimmer appears
small and delicate,
a tiny flame of life.
I shake it,
gold flames flicking out
for a moment
disappating in the chill.
Running upstairs
I place it in the sun,
and watch transfixed
as the flames burn bright,
creating that unquenchable fire
I once knew.

your turn

I’ve had that children’s song in my head for a while, and realized that I hadn’t actually pulled in out into the sunlight in a while. Where is your joy? Let me know in the comments below.

Campfire. Image by Heather Button – Copyright ©

Campfire. Image by Heather Button – Copyright ©

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