thoughts on ideas, erosion and fluid dynamics


We stake our place,
our starting ground,
a destination in mind,
carving a path in the sand.
We know how it should go,
the milestones we intend to meet.

Our dreams flow
as we pour out our hearts,
but it doesn’t go as expected.
The dynamics work against us,
trying to erode our paths,
no matter how we shore
and build up our banks.

We work hard,
using the flow
to create new routes,
to our destination,
and build upon our journey.

Others try to redirect us
stealing our energy,
our flow of ideas,
for their own use.
So we carve a new route,
back to where we want to go.

Still others block us,
create damns to hold us back.
But as we fill our soul,
our hearts and minds,
drip by drip,
allow our thoughts
and ideas to build,
their banks break.

We get there finally,
nothing in the way.
We have carved our path.
Looking back a the twists and turns,
that took us to our destination,
others follow,
because we made a way.


I was on the beach with my son today, creating a river of water down to the lake, and thinking about how much this reflects our own journeys, especially when my son changed my plans and my path.

your turn

Are you carving out a new path for yourself? Do you feel like people are trying to redirect you? Have you looked back to see if anyone has started following you? Where are you at in your journey? Let me know in the comments below.

sand path. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

sand path. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

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