FIFA World Cup Qualifier: Canada vs St. Kitts

Tuesday, my husband, brother and I took in a game at BMO stadium at the CNE grounds in Toronto. Canada played against St. Kitts and Nevis, and had a distinctly home ice advantage. I should say home field advantage, but with dropping temperatures and increasing moisture both teams slid all over the place. It was an awesome game. We had decent ($40) seats south of centre-field, four rows back.

I love soccer fans. Next to us the St. Kitts crowd yelled to cheer on their team, but more often than not, they were drowned out by the Canadians at the end. I wanted to be part of that exuberant section.

In the end, the game was decent, though there were some hot tempers between both sides, despite the cool temperatures. I really love sportsmanship

in games, and despite some of the hot tempers, I appreciate it when a team kicks a ball out for an injured player (the St Kitts goalie), and when the ball comes back into play, they throw it back to them (Canadian defense throw in.)

St. Kitts fans next to us
Canadian fans!
In the end, Canada won 4-0, and they’ll be in Cuba for their next game, June 8, 2012. Their next home game will be on Canadian grass against Honduras, though they won’t have the Canadian winter to their advantage for their June 12, 2012 game. Go Canada Go! We hope to see you play in Brazil, World Cup 2014!
Also, in the future there will be changes to this blog, starting with amalgamating it and Quirky Reading Room. Eventually, this blog will move to WordPress, likely in the new year.
Finally, does anyone want a review of the vendors from our wedding?