Balloon Man

My brother arrived the weekend of the Juno Awards, which took place in Vancouver. For three days leading up to the televised broadcast on Sunday, Graville Street was converted into a large musical block party, between Nelson and Robson streets. It was a great time, though I missed getting my West Jet scratch and win opportunity. Some events were ticketed, some were free, and it was a great chance to see some very talented Canadian Musicians.
Wandering along the street with my brother and our cousin who lives in the West End, we came across this talented ballooner. My cousin said he’s usually located out on Robson or Denman when he’s out, and I’ll bet he’s on the beach at times in the summer. He’s pretty talented, better than even Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers. As you can see, he’s done a pluto-ette, several bouquets of flowers, and even, Homer J Simpson. If you see him on the street, its worth watching him work. He’s very talented. And you might even want to pick up some balloons for someone. If I see him again, I’ll post his usual local.