What NaNoWriMo is teaching me about balance

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) started just over 4 days ago. While I feel like I’m not doing too badly with my word count, I know from last year’s attempt that it takes very little to lose the contest by not having enough words at the end of the month. Last year I was a newlywed, starting out full-time with my company when I decided to … Continue reading What NaNoWriMo is teaching me about balance

The Paperboy at TIFF: A First Experience

On Friday, September 14, I got to attend the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), something I’ve wanted to do for years. My husband received tickets from his coworker, who couldn’t attend the premier screening of The Paperboy. We jumped at the chance to see a screening at the Elgin Theatre. I thought I was prepared for the event, but it still surprised me. We arrived … Continue reading The Paperboy at TIFF: A First Experience

Vancouver Fitness Day

Yesterday as I waited to meet up with my friend Sylvie for lunch I watched some demonstrations for Fitness Day on Granville near Robson. My favorite was the Skippers from Jump Rope for Heart from the Heart and Stroke Foundation who put on a spectacular demonstration, and even got the audience participating and learning how to do some double dutch (see video below). If I wasn’t … Continue reading Vancouver Fitness Day

Chiliwack Mennonite Choir

http://www.youtube.com/get_player As I was out running errands in between chores and studying I saw some dressed up Mennonites in a parking lot prepping for something. I wanted to stop and chat them up, since I saw a sign on the vehicle they arrived in that said “Chilliwack Mennonite Choir.” I was curious to know when and where they’d be performing, but since I have a … Continue reading Chiliwack Mennonite Choir

All in Together: Hulahoop Contests

Its the kind of weather that has our office windows open, with the heat and air conditioning off. From below our office drifts up the occasional “Woo!” Screams of joy and fun in unison that occur every couple of minutes. Curious I ventured over to the window of my office, and witnessed in all its glory: the Hulahoop Contest.There are a lot of ESL classes around … Continue reading All in Together: Hulahoop Contests

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I love christmas, especially around the area I live in downtown. Vancouver can be really depressing this time of year, and it seems like we’ve had nothing but downpours for the last 2 weeks.  The rain we’ve gotten isn’t breaking records, but it is above normal. Since the weather today was so fabulous (thank you sun for coming out today!!!) I decided to venture out … Continue reading Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas