Thank you to those reading my blog. I've heard that "we can have it all, just not all at once" and I'm learning how true that is. My dreams are in competition, and the blogs are 1 item I can let go of while I try to re-balance my life. Because work is transitioning to … Continue reading Hiatus


I've been ridiculously busy for the last month, and will be for the next month as my life shifts completely. I promise to have new content in November. Thank you for your patience.


Life has been in turmoil for the past little while, and my reasons for lack of posting had to do primarily with studying for my NCARB ARE exams to get my licence with the AIBC. I have one more (out of 7) to do - provided I passed my structures last week.Hopefully some new posts … Continue reading Apologies

Sky Dancing

This post is a bit delayed, I really wish I'd known about it ahead of time. I saw this "rehearsal" on the way to a friends place on Monday October 5th. I think its pretty darn amazing. The director was lying down on the ground with a megaphone shouting directions at the aerial acrobats, and … Continue reading Sky Dancing