99 1/2

Tuesday was a highlight for me with a very unusual celebration. Edgar is a retired member of the Delta Concert Band who still comes out to watch us play, even though we’ve moved our location from the Ladner Community Centre to Seaquam Secondary. He drives out every Tuesday to listen to us play, because he was a part of our group not too long ago. So when he asked us to play for his 99 1/2 birthday celebration on Tuesday, how could we say no? (pictures up shortly if possible) The weather was rainy and cold outside, but warm and inviting as we cozied up to play a repertoire of music Edgar requested. We tried to play as quietly as we could, because the Kinsman Club was small compared to the outdoor venue we would have had if it hadn’t rained. We took breaks as Edgar told stories and thanked people, and as others offered him well wishes. Cupcakes were arranged to make the number 99.5, and there were plenty for everyone. So many in fact, that friends could take one home for their dog. There were so many people, they couldn’t all fit within the room, and they lined up outside the room and up the stairs in the entry beyond. Edgar is one of the charter members of the Kinsmen Club that hosted the event. And as he thanked everyone, he said he had two important loves: the Kinsmen Club, and the Delta Community Band. I was amazed at how two separate groups of people, who may come and go, can have that much of an effect on the man’s life. Anybody who knows me know that I am not one for celebrating my birthday. But someone, celebrating the life of a man who has lived for a century, and seen a great many things, brings me a profound feeling of awe. The Kinsmen Club is hosting another celebration for Edgar come September, and will be selling tickets shortly. I feel he deserves another celebration after supporting us for so long.

Happy Birthday Edgar, and many more.