Sky Dancing

This post is a bit delayed, I really wish I’d known about it ahead of time. I saw this “rehearsal” on the way to a friends place on Monday October 5th. I think its pretty darn amazing. The director was lying down on the ground with a megaphone shouting directions at the aerial acrobats, and a sign said something about Gargoyles. I’m not sure what the rehearsal was for, but I wanted to know the freedom that they must have felt as they bounded off the Vancouver Public Library. I know its the type of stunt that requires months, if not years of training, but I wished I knew their abandon anyway, dancing on the sides of the building. Even if I had the ropes in place, I’d probably be scared out of my mind, but the slow ballet-like moves took me into another world. It seemed graceful, elegant and easy. I can only imagine what kind of music would be put with this choreography. Beautiful, if I get a chance, I’ll watch it again. I hope you enjoy the magic too.