Today I came to work with a sign posted on the building. The TV show Shattered was filming in the Parking Garage Roof next door. Today’s scene involves a car chase with police and fake guns in more than typical Vancouver weather, and screaming in area behind. I am lucky enough to get a bird’s eye-ish view on the unfolding scene below.(sorry about the picture, its through a rain-soaked window on a very grey day.) Its raining hard today, and power has been knocked out in several areas around the city. This isn’t stopping the film crew, and in some cases, its not stopping the cars in the chase around the parking garage, as I watched from my window seat a few stories up, the car nearly hit the actor a few times as it skidded in the puddles. I think the filming industry in Vancouver is awesome; I can’t believe the extent people go to just to film what probably amounts to a few seconds on film. The resets, the hours of multiple crew members standing in inclement weather. Its pretty amazing what goes into a few moments of on screen magic. My hat goes off to anyone in the industry as I would not like to trade places with you in this weather.

On a note related to an earlier post, the screaming in the scene got me really on edge because the last time I heard a scream like that I saw the tail end of a real life hostage situation. I’m glad today’s is part of a TV show, at least when the screaming happens I can recognize the pattern in the script. (Long, short, short).