Fringe & MacLeod’s Books

Instead of the popular twitter topic Music Mondays, I think here in my area should be Movie Mondays. Last week I watched from my office as they used the top level of a parking lot to film a soon-to-be released tv show called Shattered. Today, on this rainy Vancouver Monday, I rounded the corner to my office to see bright lights surrounding MacLeod’s Books. Only today, its being called Maryam’s. The notice in my building indicates that its for the TV show Fringe, starring canadian Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek), among others. I haven’t seen much of Fringe, but it has a bit of an X-Files feel to it, though that view may be solely personal. The fact that its filming around Vancouver fuels that impression as well, since X-Files has everything Vancouver in it. While I may not have been able to catch a glimpse of Joshua or any of the other actors from the show, (my view isn’t good from my desk and I do have to work after all…) what I love the most is that MacLeod’s is being used. MacLeod’s Books is a used bookstore that has a reputation for having rare books that you actually have to make an appointment to see. Despite the fact that many used book stores are closing because they cannot compete with the Indigo, Chapters and Amazon’s of the world, MacLeod’s is the kind of place a bibliophile could spend hours in, just browsing and imagining. More impressively, it has a kind of international recognition from even travel guide Fodor’s. One reviewer in the website likened it to “searching in your grandmother’s attic, opening a wardrobe, and falling into another world.” I only wish it could have retained its name in the TV show Fringe.