Vancouver Fitness Day

Yesterday as I waited to meet up with my friend Sylvie for lunch I watched some demonstrations for Fitness Day on Granville near Robson. My favorite was the Skippers from Jump Rope for Heart from the Heart and Stroke Foundation who put on a spectacular demonstration, and even got the audience participating and learning how to do some double dutch (see video below). If I wasn’t going to go for lunch, I would have jumped in to see if I still had what it takes since winning the Jump Rope for Heart school competition back in grade 3. The skippers were pretty amazing, it was almost like a combination of break dancing at some points. There’s no way I could do some of the tricks they were able to do, but if I’d seen it as a little girl I might have been inspired to try. It really makes me want to pick up a skipping rope again, much like the activities I witnessed a little more than a month ago did. I would be fun, and apparently good for my heart.

Enjoy the videos.

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