canada homes – a poem

canada homes*

Muddy streets,
row upon row upon row,
houses line up shoulder to shoulder
like little soldiers ready for battle.
Brother and his friend play
with scaled down
construction trucks
imitating the men building
our neighbourhood.
My friend and I
act most unladylike
splash through new puddles
covering ourselves in mud,
getting hosed off before going inside
to rest up for tomorrow.
First Home. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

First Home. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

*Canada Homes refers to both growing up here in the Canadian Suburbs, and the developer of our massive subdivision. And yes, that’s me in what would be my bedroom window, hanging out with my dad. I guess we know why I got into architecture.

poetic asides

For today’s prompt, write a childhood poem. My first thought is that this could be a poem about your own childhood, but also maybe someone else’s. I wasn’t thinking of a childish poem or poem with children in it, but I suppose both are fair game when considering childhood, aren’t they? As usual, I expect you to make of this prompt what you will–and have fun! – Robert Lee Brewer

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