Tell me about your pool,
where do you swim?

Does it encourage
solace or sociability?

Is it preheated with mechanical means,
limited and lined in blue plastic,
chemically clean,
clear as day
except for the children at play?

Does it deceive you
with it’s infinite edge,
creating a sterile
yet “organic” place
to connect you with the landscape,
but keep itself private,
mimicking the natural surroundings
at your front door?

Or do you venture into nature,
step into waters
curated by the locals,
pristine beaches, still occupied
by more than people,
where seagulls and insects
compete for your crumbs?

Do you embrace the natural world fully,
where organic “cess” pools
teem with life of all kinds,
cleansing our environment
from the very chemicals
we use to protect ourselves from?

Tell me, where do you swim?

your turn

This was a “sustainability” twist on yesterday’s poetic asides prompt on pools. I’ll admit, I’ve been thinking about both sides of the swimming areas. The chlorine pools are great for not getting infections and pink eye, and warts and learning to swim in a safe environment, but it does not truly make me feel at peace the way a good beach or a nice spot at the ocean or a pond does.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Wasaga Beach. Image by Heather Button - Copyright http://heatherbutton.com

Wasaga Beach. Image by Heather Button – Copyright http://heatherbutton.com

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