Chiliwack Mennonite Choir

As I was out running errands in between chores and studying I saw some dressed up Mennonites in a parking lot prepping for something. I wanted to stop and chat them up, since I saw a sign on the vehicle they arrived in that said “Chilliwack Mennonite Choir.” I was curious to know when and where they’d be performing, but since I have a lot of studying to do I figured I’d be better off getting my errands done, I kept walking. Imagine my surprise when on my way back less than an hour later, I saw them perform outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. I took a short video clip of them. They sounded really lovely, I always forget that the church members always sing in 4-part harmony; its engrained right in their church hymns when they sing. It was such a treat and made me miss the gals and guys from my residence at the University of Waterloo, Conrad Grebel College. So this is for the Menno gals and gents I know. I’m thinking of you and miss you!

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