All in Together: Hulahoop Contests

Its the kind of weather that has our office windows open, with the heat and air conditioning off. From below our office drifts up the occasional “Woo!” Screams of joy and fun in unison that occur every couple of minutes. Curious I ventured over to the window of my office, and witnessed in all its glory: the Hulahoop Contest.

There are a lot of ESL classes around our building; its like International Student Central as they come from all over the world to take English here for whatever reason. It seems today is a day for fun as they have collectively joined together in this almost summer weather for some hulahoop competition, followed by some three-legged racing. I wish I could join them, memories of elementary school recesses and contests of hulahooping and skipping: it makes me want to get to my nearest dollar store, pick up a rope and start hopping. I used to love skipping, and I even once won a prize for skipping the longest in my elementary school for the Heart and Stroke Foundation fundraiser Jump for the Heart. Any one in for a little double-dutch? Or “Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around?” Or maybe “All in Together?”

Hulahoop Contest