Today I came to work with a sign posted on the building. The TV show Shattered was filming in the Parking Garage Roof next door. Today's scene involves a car chase with police and fake guns in more than typical Vancouver weather, and screaming in area behind. I am lucky enough to get a bird's eye-ish view on … Continue reading Shattered

Sky Dancing

This post is a bit delayed, I really wish I'd known about it ahead of time. I saw this "rehearsal" on the way to a friends place on Monday October 5th. I think its pretty darn amazing. The director was lying down on the ground with a megaphone shouting directions at the aerial acrobats, and … Continue reading Sky Dancing

99 1/2

Tuesday was a highlight for me with a very unusual celebration. Edgar is a retired member of the Delta Concert Band who still comes out to watch us play, even though we've moved our location from the Ladner Community Centre to Seaquam Secondary. He drives out every Tuesday to listen to us play, because he … Continue reading 99 1/2